Atlantic Cape Community College

Atlantic Cape Community College

Ingredients: site design, XHTML, CSS & and DOM development, AJAX, news content system, web based calendar, employee database, employment database, PHP and MySQL development.

Atlantic Cape Community College needed a major upgrade to their over 1500 page website. They were required to make their site ADA compliant and accessible for all users as well as improving their over site structrue, navigation, and overall look.

They also seeked an interactive web based calendar, news/emnployment content management system as well as having the site be easy to update/modify by users with little to no web experience.

Rabbit came to the rescue. Recreating the entire site to web standards using valid XHTML, CSS and DOM scripting made Atlantic Cape Community College amongst the world leaders in ADA accessibility. In turn those benefits also resulted in much cleaner, faster loading pages that now generate better search results.

The web based calendar as well as the news and employment content system were created using PHP which was tied to a MySQL database. we developed a web based admin interface giving users a simple way to update content on the site.

The goal was designing an environment that was easy to navigate, is clear, immediately understandable, and accessible to all users.