Atlantic Cape Community College Education Association website

Ingredients: site design, logo design, XHTML and CSS development, simple blog application development, PHP and MySQL development.

The Atlantic Cape Community College Education Association needed a website created to communicate with it's over 500 members. They were looking for a simple, clean design as well as an updated logo to easily convey current information to all five union groups. The site also needed to give the union leaders an easy way to post news updates so that vital information could be shared with union members without a lot of fuss.

Rabbit handled both the site and logo redesign for the ACCCEA as well as the creation of a simple blog backend allowing the various union presidents to make easy and simple postings/updates to the site.

The blog interface was written in PHP and connected to a MySQL database. Upon successful login, it allows the user to add, edit, or delete postings. The site design uses valid, structured XHTML and CSS code to produce pages that will look great on modern browsers yet still functional and useable on older ones.

The goal was designing an environment that’s clear, easy to use, immediately understandable, and fun.